Petite Events

$ 1 500 +
Order Petite Events

The package is designed for the implementation of small events (average duration of 3 to 5 hours), such as: Kudalyki, Children’s Birthdays (for up to 40 children), Family Dinners, Prize Draws, Surprises, Fashion Parties, etc.

Coordination of the project starts with the receipt of information from the customer. The working process includes:

  • Unlimited correspondence and telephone calls.
  • Recommendations on the event location.
  • Recommendations on a photo stand and a small decoration (air balls and flowers).
  • Рекомендации по пригласительному.
  • Recommendations on an invitation card.
  • Assistance in arrangement of a local show program (animators, local artists, etc.).
  • The event includes 1 coordinator.